3 Reasons To Install GPS Trackers On Your Fleet Of Commercial Vehicles

If you operate a commercial fleet, you probably know just how much of a big responsibility it can be. One way to make this responsibility easier is to install GPS trackers on all of your commercial vehicles. Basically, once you install these trackers on your vehicles, you will be able to pull up information about each of your vehicles while they are out on the road. Then, you can find out exactly where your drivers are and can track things like the drivers' speed.

Putting A Damaged Vehicle To Better Use

There comes a time when your vehicle just isn't worth fixing anymore. Taking the car to the junkyard or leaving it in your own yard to rust may be tempting, but there are a few recycling paths you could take. Consider a few parts that could be useful to someone else in the recycling chain. Engines Can Save Someone From A Repair Emergency Car engines aren't cheap or easy to make, and getting an engine replaced after a car make or model has been discontinued or upgraded can be difficult.

Is Your Compressor Failing? What You Need To Know

Driving down the road on a hot summer day, you flip on the air conditioning in your vehicle only for hot air to come out instead. What is going on? For starters, your vehicle's compressor is probably failing or you have a leak somewhere in the system. The compressor is solely responsible for delivering refrigerant to your air conditioning system and the result is cold air when you turn on the air conditioning in your vehicle.

Common Work Truck Issues You Should Look Out For

Every vehicle needs repairs and maintenance, but if you use your truck for work you want to always keep your vehicle in great running condition. Work trucks can wear down more often than other cars, especially if they are mainly used for traveling long distances or are always pulling cargo behind them. To keep your work truck in the best condition possible, watch out for these common truck issues you can experience at any time.

3 Signs That You May Need Drive Shaft Repair

Does it feel like something is off with your car? Does it shake when you drive? Or make some odd noises? If so, the problem could lie in the drive shaft. The drive shaft is a long rod that connects the front of the car to the vehicle's axles. It's used to transmit power and torque from the transmission and engine to the wheels. It's what causes your wheels to move in the right direction when you hit the gas pedal or when you shift gears.