Putting A Damaged Vehicle To Better Use

There comes a time when your vehicle just isn't worth fixing anymore. Taking the car to the junkyard or leaving it in your own yard to rust may be tempting, but there are a few recycling paths you could take. Consider a few parts that could be useful to someone else in the recycling chain.

Engines Can Save Someone From A Repair Emergency

Car engines aren't cheap or easy to make, and getting an engine replaced after a car make or model has been discontinued or upgraded can be difficult. For modern cars that are still in production, getting a new engine may be as simple as contacting a local auto parts warehouse. At worst, you'll need to get to an actual dealership to have the engine shipped to the site--a minor inconvenience that may result in a few aggressive sales. 

If your car is no longer in production, there are two major outcomes:

  1. The same engine is used in the newer model or a related vehicle. Your vehicle continues to be relevant for newer models.
  2. The engine is no longer in production at all and anyone who needs a replacement must compete against a dwindling supply of engines. 

The engines can be custom built by manufacturers or your vehicle could be retrofit (customized) to accommodate a new engine, but these options can be far more expensive than a new car.

Your totaled vehicle may be one of the last vehicles that could rescue another driver from a repair emergency. If you're not interested in the car and considered having it crushed, think about taking it to an automotive recycling center instead. By consulting a recycling center, your engine could go to someone who needs a replacement part that could mean the difference between losing their favorite car or continuing with a great vehicle.

Auto Body Trends Are Always Changing

Whether you think your vehicle is stylish or not, the future may bring a new generations of car hobbyists who want your car model's appearance on their new model car. Even if that future doesn't come to pass, someone else who needs a new auto body could use your help today.

Instead of having the car crushed, an automotive recycling center like Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling could take the car apart and salvage the auto body components. Interested parties could take the entire vehicle's body or different parts as needed to create their new cosmetic masterpiece.

Replacement hoods, doors, spoilers or fenders could be needed by someone involved in an accident who needs an exact replacement to match their vehicle, but without the high cost of contacting the manufacturer for a discontinued model. Contact a recycling center to make your vehicle available to those who need parts.