Common Work Truck Issues You Should Look Out For

Every vehicle needs repairs and maintenance, but if you use your truck for work you want to always keep your vehicle in great running condition. Work trucks can wear down more often than other cars, especially if they are mainly used for traveling long distances or are always pulling cargo behind them. To keep your work truck in the best condition possible, watch out for these common truck issues you can experience at any time.

Hauling issues

When hauling cargo or pulling weight behind you, you may notice that your truck doesn't handle as easily as it does when you are driving it without additional cargo. You may notice your truck swaying more on the road, greater bounce and shock when going over speed bumps and other rough terrain, or even imbalance when turning tight corners and turning around due to high clearance. Take your truck into a truck repair shop and have a technician examine your truck for the following:

  • proper suspension
  • axle damage
  • brake or e-brake damage from too much weight
  • proper ground clearance

Your suspension may be too low, or there may be too much pressure on your rear axles when hauling additional weight. High clearance on your work truck may also make it too top heavy, which can increase your risk of a rollover crash when driving. A technician can give you the best advice on how to make your truck safer while hauling items in the back or towing them behind you. 

Idling issues

Your work truck may idle hard, or hiccup and even come to a complete stop. This is common in many vehicles, and usually is a sign that your IPR solenoid or fuel pressure sensor are having issues.This happens when you drive your work truck over dirt roads and other bumpy terrain that can cause a lot of dirt, debris, and bouncing to knock wires loose. A truck repair technician can check your engine to make sure that no wires are loose or torn, and can help resolve your idling issues for you.

Your work truck needs to always be in good running condition in order to haul the items you need and run smoothly. If you notice any of these common problems in your own truck, don't hesitate to have truck repair done so any issues can be resolved quickly. When you know how to locate common problems that can arise in your vehicle, you can get them repaired quickly and be on the road safely again as soon as possible.