Three Tips To Restoring Brakes Before Driving A Car That Has Been Parked For Years

Cars that have been parked for years can present many challenges when you want to get them back on the road again. One of the priorities that you should take care of is the brakes. Brakes can deteriorate when they are left idle for years. Lines can corrode, calipers can freeze and master cylinders can fail. If you want to be safe, here are some tips to help you address brake issues in cars that have been sitting for long periods:

1. Bleeding The Brakes And Changing Brake Fluid

Bleeding the brakes of your car is one of the first things you will want to do. You will want to open all the bleeder valves to get all the fluid out of the brakes. This will ensure that there is no bad fluid or debris in your lines. You can replace the brake fluid and bleed the brakes again to ensure that anything that has been in the lines is removed and that there is not any air in the brake lines. You may want to drain the brake system more than once to get any debris out of the lines if you notice debris the first time you bleed the brakes.

2. Checking And Replacing Brake Lines That Are Deteriorating

In addition to bleeding the brakes, you will want to also check all the brake lines. In many cars, these lines are made of metals that can deteriorate when they have been sitting for too long. Even if there is no brake leak now, it can be a disaster if a line breaks while you are driving. Check all the lines for signs of deterioration of lines, and replace any that have even the slightest sign of wear.

3. Testing The Master Cylinder To Ensure Proper Brake Function

The master cylinder is another part of your brake system that may go bad after sitting for too long. This is because this component of your brake system has rubber and many moving parts that will degrade when they sit idle. You will want to check the master cylinder for any problems before you start driving, and may want to replace things like rubber seals and parts in it if needed. If it is not working at all, you may want to completely replace it to ensure that your brakes are working properly.

These are some tips that can help you deal with brakes in cars that have been sitting. If you want to make sure that your brakes are working perfectly, take your car to an auto repair shop. like Cadwalader Service Centre, Inc., and have them help with the repairs to your brake system.

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Outfit Your Pickup Truck For Heavy Work

A pickup truck is an amazing vehicle to use for heavy work. That might include transporting furniture, carrying firewood, or hauling trash to the dump. Whatever you plan on using the truck for, it’s a good idea to outfit it with some accessories that make it stronger and more suited for the job.

When you buy a truck it won’t come with any of these accessories. It is up to you to source them and then get them installed. It is totally worth it. They will make the jobs easier and also protect your truck from damage.

Taillight and Headlight Guards

One of the first things you need to do is get protective gear for your trucks front and rear lights. If you’re using your truck as a heavy-duty vehicle, then it is important to make sure the lights have guards. When you are loading furniture or junk, you might accidentally hit the lights on your truck. They can break and end up costing you quite a bit of money. So, get protective grill-work that will cover the headlights and taillights.

Spray On Liner

The bed of your pickup truck should be lined. A spray on liner is the best way to do this. These liners are sprayed on in liquid form and then harden to form a rock solid surface. This is superior to the liners that go in solid and are tight fitted. A spray on liner leaves no space for water, dirt, garbage, or other junk to get underneath and make contact with your truck’s frame. This means you won’t have to worry about rust. If you’re hauling garbage, rusty scrap metal, firewood (moss and insects often attached), gravel or soil, then this is an absolute must have. Visit X-Treem Automotive & Tinting to get a spray on liner.

Fold Down Ramps

You should get a set of rear ramps. If you have ever attempted to lift a bookcase, old oil burner, or anything else that is deadweight, then you know how difficult it is. A ramp allows you to slide it up into the bed of the truck. If you use ropes and winches, then it is even easier.

Rear Winch

If you’re going to transport heavy, solid material, then you need a winch. Firewood, sand, gravel, and soil can all be loaded with shovels or by hand (firewood). Heavy junk, furniture, or recreational vehicles such ATVs, should be pulled up on the ramps via a winch. A rear winch is secured to the rear of the truck bed. The cable is attached to the object (bookshelf, ATV vehicle, etc…) and the winch pulls the object up into the truck bed.

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How To Maintain Your Windshield In The Winter

Your windshield is an essential part of your car, providing you with both protection and visibility. The role of the windshield is perhaps never more important than in the winter, as the harsh elements can cause damage that ruins your visibility and damage your windshield, increasing the chances of a collision occurring. Understanding how to properly maintain your windshield in the winter months can help keep you safe in the snowy weather.


When scraping your windshield, be sure to use a plastic ice scraper, as plastic will not easily damage the surface of your windshield. However, even though this is the case, you should still take care to not use excessive force, as pre-existing defects can be aggravated even by a plastic scraper. Additionally, you should inspect the edge of your ice scraper, as if it is excessively worn or has become damaged, it can leave small scratches on the surface of your windshield, which can adversely affect your visibility while driving.


Do not apply hot water onto your windshield in order to melt ice or snow, as the rapid temperature change can cause the glass of the windshield to rapidly expand and crack. Instead, if you want to defrost your windshield before scraping, turn on the car and run the defrost setting for a few minutes. This will allow for your windshield to slowly and safely warm up, while at the same time melting some of the ice stuck on the windshield itself, making it easier to remove with an ice scraper.

Lift the Wipers

Every night, be sure to lift the windshield wipers up so that they will not freeze to the glass. Additionally, every morning before putting them back down, wipe them clean. Doing this consistently means that your wipers will not become damaged or deformed, and ensures that they will have a proper seal with the windshield, allowing you to clear your vision efficiently while driving.


If you notice any sort of deformities, cracks, pits, or any other small signs of damage, have them looked at and repaired immediately. The temperatures of winter can cause such small traumas to quickly develop into larger cracks, which can be a serious safety issue and can significantly adversely affect your vision. Additionally, repairing small defects in your windshield is much cheaper and quicker than having your entire windshield replaced, which is what you’ll have to do if large, compromising cracks do eventually develop.

Contact a local maintenance service, such as G P Automotive, to get further tips. 

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Shopping For A New Vehicle? How Aluminum Parts Will Affect Future Repairs

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you are likely faced with dozens of choices within your budget. While of course transmissions, door configurations, and horsepower are all considerations, the material your car or truck is made from can be important too, especially if you need to have body repairs down the line. Read on to learn why.

Why Automotive Makers Use Aluminum

Using aluminum in car bodies isn’t a new phenomenon, although it does seem like it’s becoming more common. Sometimes car makers will add aluminum here and there, like on a hood, to reduce the weight of a car. This can help it qualify for a different emissions category.

Luxury sports car manufacturers have also been using aluminum in larger quantities for a while. They want their cars to be as light and fast as possible.

How Repair Shops Handle Luxury Vehicles  

Specialty repair shops have been dealing with aluminum body parts long enough that they have developed their own unique system for working with them. Because the machinery that repairs aluminum is more expensive than that needed for other metal, like steel, and the work itself is more skilled, most of these repair shops bypass insurance reimbursement and only deal in out-of-pocket payments, knowing that the insurance companies aren’t likely to cover their costs.

These repair places wager that if you can afford a six-figure price tag on a car, you can afford to pay to have it repaired without backup from an insurance carrier. If you’re thinking about buying a luxury vehicle made largely of aluminum, know that you may have to shoulder the expense of some repairs yourself. Your insurance can pick up things like a totaled or stolen vehicle or coverage when you hit someone else.

Why Some Pickup Trucks Are Affected

A popular make and model of pickup truck has been shifting to using more aluminum in their vehicles of late too. Until all dealers or regular mechanics are trained in how to work with aluminum in body repairs and have the equipment to do so, you may have to shop around for a repair station if you need work on one of these trucks.

You could seek out a body shop that deals in more luxury makes, as mentioned above, but just like if you have a prestige vehicle, you may have to pay out of pocket. Also, because these shops are so few and far between in many areas, be prepared for long waits to get your vehicle worked on.

The advantage to these trucks is you can save considerably on fuel with the lighter weight offered by aluminum. If you are considering purchasing a vehicle with a high percentage of aluminum in the body, your best bet is to ask the dealer about qualified repair options in your area.

If aluminum catches on outside the luxury market, chances are more body shops will be able to work with it, and insurance companies will be forced to cover the entire charge. And remember: your savings in gasoline could easily outweigh any out-of-pocket payments. Contact a company like Exoticar Paintworks Inc for more information.

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Your Guide to Buying a Used Car

A “new to you” car is a great way to upgrade your car without having to pay the hefty price tag that comes with a brand new car. You can make buying a used car much easier when you know what to look for, beyond make and model. Consider using the tips below to help streamline your car buying experience.

What are you shopping for?

Make and model are important, but there are several other things you should consider in addition to those. Consider researching the following categories in the cars you like the most:

  • Safety
  • Operating Cost
  • Reliability

Safety should be one of your top priorities when purchasing a car. To ensure the car you are buying has safety ratings up to your standards, you can check Thoroughly researching safety could help save your life in the event of a crash.

Operating costs are another important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you can’t afford the maintenance (oil changes, brake replacement, new tires, etc.) on the car you purchase, you run the risk of shortening the life of the car. By doing a quick Internet search, you should be able to find maintenance schedules for most cars available. Once you have the maintenance schedule, call around to used car dealers to check costs for the various maintenance services you’ll need.

Reliability is essential when it comes to transportation. If you can’t count on your car to get you to work, school, etc., what is the point in owning one? While you are researching operating costs, take a few minutes to visit You can find out if the different makes and models you are considering have held up as promised over time.

Exterior red flags

When walking through the lot at a used car dealership, there are some red flags you can look for that may indicate a car’s troubled past. Look carefully at the paint job, replaced parts, corrosion, tires, and trunk of the car. If a car has been in an accident, it may have exterior damage to these areas. Check the trunk to make sure it can open and close easily. If the tires are seriously worn, negotiating new tires into the cost of the car will save you from needing replacements as soon as you leave the car lot.

You can also ask your car salesman to provide you with a history report to make sure your potential car hasn’t been involved in a major accident in the past.

Don’t let buying a car overwhelm you. It can be made much simpler when you know what you should be looking for. Take a few minutes to thoroughly research any car you are considering buying. When you know and understand the cost and safety behind the car you are buying, you can help protect yourself financially and physically. Contact a used car dealer at a company like Kings Quality Auto Sales to start your search.

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3 Accessories That Will Help You Keep Your Truck’s Interior Clean

Although one of the main things you might love about having a truck is being able to work out of it, you are probably concerned about the interior of your vehicle becoming too dirty and worn out. Luckily, purchasing a few accessories now will help you keep your truck’s interior clean, no matter how hard you might work or what you might use your truck for. This can help you keep your vehicle in excellent shape and can even allow you to give it a little bit of personality at the same time.

1. New Floor Mats

Although the floor mats that come with most trucks are perfect usable, they are usually pretty simple and are often cheaply made. This is why it generally pays to purchase new floor mats for your truck, especially if you are going to be working out of it. Look for floor mats that are made out of vinyl or rubber so that they won’t stain easily and can be cleaned thoroughly, and ensure that they are large enough that they cover as much of the floor surface in your truck as possible.

2. Seat Covers

Keeping your truck’s seats clean can be a major job. if you get in your truck when you’re dirty after a long day of work or if you eat in your truck while you are in a hurry, you could find yourself staining your seats so that they cannot be cleaned. Even if you have leather or vinyl seats in your truck, they can still stain if you aren’t careful. This is why it’s worth it to purchase truck seat covers that will completely cover your seats. Then, you can remove them to clean them, or you can throw them away entirely and replace them when they become too worn out. In the meantime, the actual upholstery in your truck will be kept looking like new.

3. Steering Wheel Cover

Last, but not least, you should definitely look into a steering wheel cover for your truck if you haven’t already. Many people forget this important part, but dirty hands can easily stain your steering wheel and make it difficult to clean. Plus, a nice steering wheel cover can add a little bit of color to your interior and can make your steering surface more comfortable and easier to grip. This can make driving more pleasant and safer for you at the same time.

It’s a good idea to invest in a few accessories now if you want to keep your truck’s interior clean. Buy these three things, and you’re sure to notice that it’s easy to keep your truck looking great. When you finish with the aesthetic details of your vehicle and need to find truck parts, contact a company like Godfrey Brake Service & Supply.

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3 Reasons To Install GPS Trackers On Your Fleet Of Commercial Vehicles

If you operate a commercial fleet, you probably know just how much of a big responsibility it can be. One way to make this responsibility easier is to install GPS trackers on all of your commercial vehicles. Basically, once you install these trackers on your vehicles, you will be able to pull up information about each of your vehicles while they are out on the road. Then, you can find out exactly where your drivers are and can track things like the drivers’ speed. These are some of the reasons why these GPS trackers can be highly beneficial for your company.

1. Encourage Drivers to Drive More Carefully

First and foremost, if your drivers know that they are “under surveillance” when they are driving, they are far more likely to drive slowly and carefully. This can help prevent accidents, reduce the amount of money that is spent on fuel, reduce the wear and tear on your commercial vehicles and more. It’s a great deterrent to common driving issues that owners of commercial fleets often deal with.

2. Reduce Insurance Rates

Commercial truck insurance can be very expensive. One great way that GPS trackers can help lower rates is to allow access to these trackers to your insurance company. Once your insurance provider sees the data that proves your drivers are very cautious when on the road, there is a chance that you will qualify for a discount. This can save your company a lot of money over a year-long period.

3. Keep Drivers Safe

It’s dangerous out there, and your commercial drivers are always at risk of being in an accident or otherwise being hurt. Without a GPS tracker, no one might know where your drivers are when something happens. Luckily, with these tracking devices, you can find out where your drivers are at all times. If one of your drivers seems to be stuck in one place longer than he or she should be, you can send help to go find out what is going on.

As you can see, GPS trackers belong on every commercial vehicle. They are good for both your company and the people who drive your commercial vehicles each and every day. If you are looking to enjoy these three benefits and more, now is the time to intstal GPS trackers in your fleet.

For more information about companies with automotive fleets, contact a company like Parkway Wrecker Service.

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