2 Critical Ways To Avoid Auto Glass Replacement

Few things are as annoying as having to have the glass on your automobile replaced.  Dings and scratches can be overlooked, but a glaring tear or crack in a windshield can impair your vision and lead to even further damage.  While glass damage is largely unprovoked, there are certain steps you can take to minimize the chance that it will happen to you.  Use this information to learn more about how you can prevent glass damage in your vehicle.

Be Mindful Of The Car That You Choose

One of the best ways that you can reduce the chance of glass damage in your car is to simply be mindful of the kind of vehicle that you choose.  Some vehicles have an abnormally large windshield that is not thick enough to withstand the rigors of being out on the road.  Selecting a vehicle of this nature is a one way ticket to a glass damage claim that could empty your pockets of hundreds of dollars.

When you are choosing your vehicle, do your homework.  Look up the recall history of any car that you are looking at so you can find out whether or not there is a recall for excessive glass breakage in the car you want.  Also, check the span of the glass.  Some automobiles have more steel surrounding the windshield, and others have a wide expanse of glass that can be shattered.  Always opt for the car that has a strong base of steel that can absorb the shock of flying objects.

Pay Attention To Distance

There’s a reason why you were taught to drive a certain distance behind cars on the road.  It’s inevitable that as you drive, the tires on your car will kick up dirt, debris and rocks that can do a number on windshields.  Driving too closely to another vehicle can end up being a recipe for disaster.

Rather than trying to get to your destination as soon as possible, take your time.  Stay an adequate amount of space behind the car in front of you so that the debris that is kicked up by their tires has a chance to land on the ground, rather than your car.  This simple technique could save you hundreds of dollars in glass repair in the long run.

Taking these steps will go a long way toward ensuring that you don’t end up spending money repairing your vehicle.  Start using these tips today so you can keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. If your glass does need repaired or replaced, visit All Auto Glass.

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Exposing Misleading Myths About Your Car’s Shocks

Your car is a highly complex machine that is probably essential for your daily life. Unfortunately, most people do not know much about automobiles, and this can lead to the failure to understand the function and importance of the various components in their cars. This lack of knowledge can lead them to fall for some routine myths about their car’s shocks, but learning the truth behind these notions can help you ensure your car avoids some routine causes of mechanical problems. 

Myth: Shocks Are Only For Enhancing The Comfort Of Your Drive

If you have ever ridden in a car with bad shocks, you likely remember how rough of a ride it was. While shocks can dramatically improve the comfort of anyone riding in your car, these devices are for more than just comfort. They will also protect your engine, axles and wheels from the vibrations and bumps that every car encounters while driving down the road. 

These vibrations can eventually cause parts of the engine to come loose, and when this happens, the car will be more likely to experience a mechanical failure. Also, these devices are essential for preventing the wheel from cracking due to these vibrations, and if a crack develops, the only way to repair it is by replacing it. 

Myth: Shocks Do Not Require Any Regular Maintenance

Some new drivers are under the false impression that their shocks do not require any regular maintenance to keep them working. While it is true that shocks do not require much maintenance, they can quickly fall into a state of disrepair unless you keep them in good shape. Luckily, this is a relatively simple task for most make and models of car. 

It is vital for you to have the shocks lubricated and inspected with every oil change. Over time, the heat and friction generated by the shocks will start to break down the lubricant, and this can lead to major damage that results from pieces of metal grinding on each other. By simply having the lubrication inspected, you can help avoid this cause of expensive shock repairs. 

Keeping your car running smoothly can seem like a complex and confusing task. This is especially true for those that lack much knowledge about cars. In particular, the shocks are a component that many people do not fully understand. Yet, learning the truth behind these myths will help you be a more responsible car owner which will keep you safe and help you avoid expensive repairs. 

For more information, talk to a local auto repair shop like Affordable Automotive Service Center.

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Common Car Undercoating Questions Answered

Keeping your car in excellent condition should be a major goal to both help maintain the value of your car and avoid the need for expensive repairs. Unfortunately, some people are under the impression that car maintenance is always expensive and inconvenient, but this does not have to be true. For example, undercoating is a relatively simple process that can protect your car from corrosion. If you have never used these services, there may be some questions that you need answered before scheduling this work for your car. 

What Does An Undercoating Do?

Many people do not understand how an undercoat protects their vehicle. Often, people assume that a car will naturally resist rust and corrosion due to the type of metal used in the manufacturing. While this is usually true, those that live in climates where road salt is a necessity may find that the undercarriage of their car is rapidly deteriorating. 

An undercoat is a protective barrier that is added to the undercarriage of the car and the exterior paint. However, this coating will gradually wear away, and you will need to have it reapplied every couple of years to ensure that your car is protective from the harsh salts that keep the roads ice free. 

When Is It Safe To Wash Your Car?

After having the car undercoated, some drivers may wonder when they will be able to wash their car again. Some people assume that it will be several days before they are able to clean their car following this treatment. Luckily, you can wash your car within hours of the coat being applied. 

When your technician applies the coating, they will use a special device to rapidly dry it. This helps the coating bond to the metal, and once this has happened, it will be highly resistant to being washed off. However, the use of harsh cleaning agents can strip away this coating. Your undercoating provider will supply you with a list of chemical cleaners that should be avoided to maximize the lifespan of the undercoating. 

Corrosion has the potential to cause major damage to your car, and this is particularly true for those in areas that regularly apply deicing chemicals to the roadways. Fortunately, this is not a fate that you must accept, and applying an undercoating can dramatically reduce the amount of damage your car takes from corrosive deicing chemicals. By understanding these two commonly asked questions and answers about car undercoating, you will be in a better position to make informed decisions about this procedure. 

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4 Reasons To Check Your Brakes

If you hear an odd sound or you worry that your vehicle’s brakes are starting to fail, you should not put off having your car looked at. Having your brakes fail when on the freeway or trying to stop at an intersection can be disastrous. Here are some reasons to have your brakes checked now.

Odd Sounds

In order to avoid a major accident when your brakes go out, you want to pay attention to the small signs your brakes are giving you. The first is if you hear any odd sounds when applying the brakes. The most common sound you hear when your brake pads are starting to get thin is the loud, squeaking sound of metal on metal. This means your pads are wearing down and they need to be replaced right away. By this point, it is time to get to the mechanic immediately.


Do you notice vibrations of your entire vehicle when you step your foot on the brakes? This is a sign of a warped brake rotor, which can then cause your vehicle to vibrate. Not only will it cause these vibrations, but it can also make your brakes less effective. If you fail to get your brakes looked at and repaired in time, you may find that when you apply the brakes, your vehicle does not stop fast enough before hitting the vehicle in front of you. You may notice the vibrations more while going down a long hill.

Sinking Brake Pedal

If you have ever driven a vehicle where you barely had to touch the brake pedal to get it to stop the car, you know that not much pressure is needed. However, if you suddenly have to step harder on the brake pedal to where it sinks almost to the floor, this is a sign that you need new brakes. You may also notice that while the vehicle starts stopping with a moderate amount of pressure, the brake pedal starts sinking to the floor on its own until it is lifted again. This may mean something as simple as low brake fluid, so seeing a mechanic is crucial.

Pulling Sensation

The last sign that you need to have your brakes checked is if your car is making a pulling sensation whenever you put your foot on the brake pedal. This can either be from wearing of the brake pads, brake misalignment, or a foreign substance on the brake pads.

If you notice any of these signs, or if you brakes are being weird in any other way, take your car for a check up at a shop like Earl’s Garage.

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Dragging Your Car Out Of A Muddy Ditch: How Emergency Towing Services Transforms Your Situation

Spinning your car out of control into a ditch is scary and troublesome enough, but when you cannot get out of that ditch because your tires just spin in the mud, you are really in trouble. The soggier the mud, the deeper your car sinks and the less likely you will ever get out. You need emergency towing.

How the Emergency Towing Service Differs from a Regular Service

There really is not much difference between the two. The most important feature of an emergency towing service is that the service reserves the right to answer emergency calls only. In addition to this business feature, the trucks are often equipped with tanks of fuel, hydraulic winches, and maybe a spare tire or two in the most common sizes.

An emergency towing company will also answer your call sooner, whereas a regular towing service may take up to an hour to respond and arrive.

Finding an Emergency Towing Service Quickly

If you have a mobile phone with you, place a call to the local police department. Explain your situation to them so that an officer can come to your aid and protect you while you wait on the side of the road. The dispatcher or police officer who answers on the other end of the phone can help you find a towing service that answers emergency calls.

Some towing services work directly with the local police so that they are available and ready to help when there is an accident. The officer on the phone with you may either give you the number of a service to call, or call it for you so you can wait and watch for the squad car.

Pulling Your Car out of the Muddy Ditch

In your case, pulling a car out of the muddy ditch will require a hydraulic winch. Nothing else is going to pull or push your vehicle out of the precarious situation it is presently in. You cannot gun the engine to get out, and no one can push you in slippery, sticky mud while you gun the engine because they would fall in the mud themselves.

It is definitely an emergency situation which requires more power and more powerful tools to get you out. When the tow truck driver arrives, he or she will hook the winch up to the chassis of your car, turn on the winch, and your car is out of the mud and deep ditch within minutes. If you need more help, contact a company like Big D Towing with any questions you have.

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Taking Care Of Tires

Tires are very important in having your vehicle transport you safely and efficiently. If you have tires that are not working properly, you can have trouble with your vehicle, including decreased gas mileage, shaking and pulling, or even conditions where your vehicle is immobile. It is important to maintain your tires so you are able to use your vehicle to get you to your destinations without incident. Here are some ways you can keep your tires in good working condition.

Tire Tread

It is never a good idea to drive a vehicle that has bald tires, as you are susceptible to having an accident due to a blow out or sliding. The tires should be able to grip the road, and the amount of tread determines how much gripping power the tire will have. When your tires start to wear, you may see small metal threads poking through the rubber. This is a sign that you will need to replace the tires completely.

Check your tires periodically to see if there are any areas that are looking smooth, or spots where the tread does not seem deep. You can take your vehicle to a tire repair shop to be analyzed if you question the tread left upon the tires.

Tire Rotation

When you get a new set of tires, you will be told to bring your vehicle in periodically to rotate them. They will switch the front left and right tires and then will switch the back left and right tires. Switching the positioning will allow the tires to wear at an even rate. This will keep your vehicle from pulling to the side of the road and will keep your tires in good condition for a longer period.

Tire Pressure

Take the time to check the air pressure of your tires every week or so. This is important because if you drive your vehicle without enough air inside, your vehicle can pull to the side and it also may get less gas mileage. If your tires have too much air inside, they are at risk for a blowout. You do not want to have to change a flat tire, so the alternative is to check the pressure to keep it from happening.


If you have to replace a tire for any reason, make sure the tire repair shop balances the new tire to match the weight of your others. Balancing will help keep your tires wearing at the same rate and will keep your vehicle from pulling to one side of the road. Contact a tire company like Euro-Tire for more information. 

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Finding Auto Service For Your Prized Vehicle

If you have a valuable car that needs service, such as a BMW, Audi, or Volkswagen, where can you find service that focuses on specific components or check-ups? There are many repair shops and vehicle repair services that offer specific systems for your type of vehicle. Here are some examples of ways you can find professional repair services to diagnose and repair problems, if they occur with your luxury or vintage vehicle.

You may find small shops that specialize in your vehicle brand. Some repair shops only repair BMWs, for example. The websites of expert shops may allow you to search for shops by city and state. Specific repair shops or service centers for luxury vehicles boast services such as collision repair, holiday checks, seasonal checks, light checks, and safety checks. By regularly getting your prized vehicle checked, and obtaining high-quality repair services, you can make sure it performs its best year after year.

Other ways to find auto services in your area include visiting the website of your car brand’s official repair service. These websites may offer professional services with diagnostic tools. They can also offer expert technologies and technicians to service or repair your car. The auto services by car company may even help new owners, or owners of used cars. These services include providing replacement parts, checking tires, and more. In addition, auto companies may have specific collision repair facilities.

Some auto services may be minor, such as oil checks, while sometimes, services may be quite complex. This can especially the case with older or refurbished cars. If you enjoy fixing vintage cars, establishing a great relationship with a professional car service company near you can be very helpful for keeping cars running smoothly. Some shops even specialize specifically on car refurbishing for specific brands.

If you are a restoration hobbyist, you may wish to discuss restoration needs with a shop that focuses on the restoration of a specific type or brand of car, whether it is a BMW or a Volkswagen. Some websites provide ample information about the services a shop can provide, such as selling new or used parts to help you with your restoration projects. One may wish to restore a vehicle to look as close as possible to its original state, while others may wish to change the overall look of the car.

By visiting the websites of vehicle restoration sites, or calling shops or e-mailing them, you can gain detailed information about how their services may benefit your car. Some website of restoration shops even feature videos of restoration projects and photos of works in progress, so that you can determine if their services are the quality that you are seeking. Other ways of determining if a repair shop can provide quality service includes checking accreditations and inquiring about price estimates.

For more information about the importance of proper maintenance for specialized cars, contact a service company like Euroclassics Limited.

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