Outfit Your Pickup Truck For Heavy Work

A pickup truck is an amazing vehicle to use for heavy work. That might include transporting furniture, carrying firewood, or hauling trash to the dump. Whatever you plan on using the truck for, it's a good idea to outfit it with some accessories that make it stronger and more suited for the job.

When you buy a truck it won't come with any of these accessories. It is up to you to source them and then get them installed. It is totally worth it. They will make the jobs easier and also protect your truck from damage.

Taillight and Headlight Guards

One of the first things you need to do is get protective gear for your trucks front and rear lights. If you're using your truck as a heavy-duty vehicle, then it is important to make sure the lights have guards. When you are loading furniture or junk, you might accidentally hit the lights on your truck. They can break and end up costing you quite a bit of money. So, get protective grill-work that will cover the headlights and taillights.

Spray On Liner

The bed of your pickup truck should be lined. A spray on liner is the best way to do this. These liners are sprayed on in liquid form and then harden to form a rock solid surface. This is superior to the liners that go in solid and are tight fitted. A spray on liner leaves no space for water, dirt, garbage, or other junk to get underneath and make contact with your truck's frame. This means you won't have to worry about rust. If you're hauling garbage, rusty scrap metal, firewood (moss and insects often attached), gravel or soil, then this is an absolute must have. Visit X-Treem Automotive & Tinting to get a spray on liner.

Fold Down Ramps

You should get a set of rear ramps. If you have ever attempted to lift a bookcase, old oil burner, or anything else that is deadweight, then you know how difficult it is. A ramp allows you to slide it up into the bed of the truck. If you use ropes and winches, then it is even easier.

Rear Winch

If you're going to transport heavy, solid material, then you need a winch. Firewood, sand, gravel, and soil can all be loaded with shovels or by hand (firewood). Heavy junk, furniture, or recreational vehicles such ATVs, should be pulled up on the ramps via a winch. A rear winch is secured to the rear of the truck bed. The cable is attached to the object (bookshelf, ATV vehicle, etc…) and the winch pulls the object up into the truck bed.