Dragging Your Car Out Of A Muddy Ditch: How Emergency Towing Services Transforms Your Situation

Spinning your car out of control into a ditch is scary and troublesome enough, but when you cannot get out of that ditch because your tires just spin in the mud, you are really in trouble. The soggier the mud, the deeper your car sinks and the less likely you will ever get out. You need emergency towing.

How the Emergency Towing Service Differs from a Regular Service

There really is not much difference between the two. The most important feature of an emergency towing service is that the service reserves the right to answer emergency calls only. In addition to this business feature, the trucks are often equipped with tanks of fuel, hydraulic winches, and maybe a spare tire or two in the most common sizes.

An emergency towing company will also answer your call sooner, whereas a regular towing service may take up to an hour to respond and arrive.

Finding an Emergency Towing Service Quickly

If you have a mobile phone with you, place a call to the local police department. Explain your situation to them so that an officer can come to your aid and protect you while you wait on the side of the road. The dispatcher or police officer who answers on the other end of the phone can help you find a towing service that answers emergency calls.

Some towing services work directly with the local police so that they are available and ready to help when there is an accident. The officer on the phone with you may either give you the number of a service to call, or call it for you so you can wait and watch for the squad car.

Pulling Your Car out of the Muddy Ditch

In your case, pulling a car out of the muddy ditch will require a hydraulic winch. Nothing else is going to pull or push your vehicle out of the precarious situation it is presently in. You cannot gun the engine to get out, and no one can push you in slippery, sticky mud while you gun the engine because they would fall in the mud themselves.

It is definitely an emergency situation which requires more power and more powerful tools to get you out. When the tow truck driver arrives, he or she will hook the winch up to the chassis of your car, turn on the winch, and your car is out of the mud and deep ditch within minutes. If you need more help, contact a company like Big D Towing with any questions you have.