Taking Care Of Tires

Tires are very important in having your vehicle transport you safely and efficiently. If you have tires that are not working properly, you can have trouble with your vehicle, including decreased gas mileage, shaking and pulling, or even conditions where your vehicle is immobile. It is important to maintain your tires so you are able to use your vehicle to get you to your destinations without incident. Here are some ways you can keep your tires in good working condition.

Tire Tread

It is never a good idea to drive a vehicle that has bald tires, as you are susceptible to having an accident due to a blow out or sliding. The tires should be able to grip the road, and the amount of tread determines how much gripping power the tire will have. When your tires start to wear, you may see small metal threads poking through the rubber. This is a sign that you will need to replace the tires completely.

Check your tires periodically to see if there are any areas that are looking smooth, or spots where the tread does not seem deep. You can take your vehicle to a tire repair shop to be analyzed if you question the tread left upon the tires.

Tire Rotation

When you get a new set of tires, you will be told to bring your vehicle in periodically to rotate them. They will switch the front left and right tires and then will switch the back left and right tires. Switching the positioning will allow the tires to wear at an even rate. This will keep your vehicle from pulling to the side of the road and will keep your tires in good condition for a longer period.

Tire Pressure

Take the time to check the air pressure of your tires every week or so. This is important because if you drive your vehicle without enough air inside, your vehicle can pull to the side and it also may get less gas mileage. If your tires have too much air inside, they are at risk for a blowout. You do not want to have to change a flat tire, so the alternative is to check the pressure to keep it from happening.


If you have to replace a tire for any reason, make sure the tire repair shop balances the new tire to match the weight of your others. Balancing will help keep your tires wearing at the same rate and will keep your vehicle from pulling to one side of the road. Contact a tire company like Euro-Tire for more information.