Power Washing Your Car: Dos And Don'ts

Power washing your car is a great way to get it clean quickly, but there are more things to take into consideration when power washing a car, beyond just how dirty it is. Making sure you follow these guidelines for what to do and what not to do when power washing (also called 'pressure washing') your car can help you maintain the off-the-lot look of your vehicle's exterior. 

Things You Should Do When Power Washing Your Car

Choose the Correct Nozzle

Power washer nozzles come in varying degrees based on the cut of the nozzle. For instance, a 0 degree cut means the nozzle isn't cut at all and the water will come through it concentrated and at full force. On the other hand, a 35-degree cut would mean that the nozzle has been cut at a 35 degree angle. The higher the degree, the less powerfully the water emerges from the nozzle. You'll want higher degrees for more sensitive points on the car, such as where window decals are placed. 

Clean Your Car Top to Bottom

Clean it from top to bottom—literally! Starting at the top of your car and working your way down means that everything is being washed in the same direction for an easier, more thorough cleaning job. Starting in the middle or at the bottom of the car can lead to dirt being splattered on areas you've already cleaned, so you'll have to go over them again. This wastes time, energy, water, and money.

Things You Should NOT Do When Power Washing Your Car

Don't Go Full Throttle

No matter how filthy you think your car is, using an open (0-degree nozzle) power washer can be a bad idea for cleaning your vehicle. Strong water streams can strip off bumper stickers and (depending upon the age and quality of the car) even paint and finishes. You might use a 0-degree nozzle if your wheels are extremely dirty, but that's as far as you should go with a 0-degree nozzle. 

Don't Endanger Other Objects Around Your Home

Be sure to park your car a reasonable distance away from outdoor furniture, children's toys, lawn equipment, and other items that could be damaged, waterlogged, or knocked over and broken by a powerful water stream. Be mindful of nearby greenery as well since it could become over-watered. 

Keeping these four things in mind as you prepare to pressure wash your car will keep your car looking shiny and new for years to come. If you'd like a professional's help, visit Chris' Pressure Wash.