3 Weird Ways Your Car's Paint Could Get Scratched During The Winter

Many Americans today view their vehicle as a source of pride. If you are proud of your car, then you likely want to maintain its appearance. Scratched or chipped paint can be unattractive, so preventing these blemishes is a top priority for many drivers.

By installing paint protection film you can reduce the chances your car will become scratches in one of the following 3 ways during the cold winter months:

1. Christmas Trees

In the year 2012 alone, 24.5 million farm-grown Christmas trees were purchased by American consumers. Since the traditional way to transport a Christmas tree from the lot to your home is by securing the tree to your vehicle's rooftop, these festive symbols are among the leading causes of scratched paint in the winter.

If you want to reduce the likelihood that your Christmas tree will cause unsightly scratches, install a paint protection film to reinforce your vehicle's exterior finish.

2. Window Scrapers

Snow and ice often make it impossible to see out of a vehicle's windows. In order to safely operate your vehicle in the winter time you likely use a window scraper to remove the snow and ice it would take your car's defroster too much time to break through.

While window scrapers can be beneficial in helping you get on the road quicker, they can also pose a hazard to your vehicle's paint. Scratches can appear if you fail to keep the scraper completely on your car's glass. Applying a paint protection film will allow you to provide an additional barrier between your car's paint and the sharp edges of a window scraper.

3. Animal Claws

When temperatures dip below freezing, animals may seek refuge within your car. Cats are notorious for climbing on vehicles in order to take advantage of the warmth generated by the car's engine or tires. While your vehicle may look like a shelter to animals living in the outdoors during winter, the claws these animals possess can take their toll on your vehicle's paint finish.

If you want to prevent animal claws from leaving scratches on your vehicle, applying a paint protection film to deflect these scratches could be a good option.

Scratches in your vehicle's paint finish can affect both the resale and aesthetic value of your car. By installing a paint protection film, you can help avoid many of the scratches that occur during the cold winter months. To learn more, contact a company like Tint Solutions LLC with any questions you have.